Mapping Chaos - Cracking the Codes of Human Destruction

For Healing and Transforming Humanity

V IS FOR VIRUS is a documentary film which is currently in early production.   The film is based on our personal investigation into the dark side of the universe.  We investigate how the destructive force that theologians call evil and science calls entropy manifests in humanity and its primary modes of operation. We work to discover how the destructive code has become intertwined into our consciousness and is a filter through which we perceive our world and which traps and limits our potential.

For a full summary of this film’s subject matter, you may download a PDF of our conceptual outline here, and a PDF outlining the process behind our investigation here.  These documents should give you a more complete understanding of the work.

We share our own personal work in healing and transforming ourselves and how we have come to see our own emotional wounds as energy sources for this virus of the universe.  We are exploring how the destructive force recruits agents, both living and non living to serve its purposes.  Indeed this force operates though us all, but how?  Using the tool of Holarchy, and an objective generalist approach, we aim to uncover the destructive force in the universe at many levels of organization and apply what we have learned to the human social holon to gain wisdom and methods for achieving cultural and individual balance.

We ask ourselves and many brilliant thinkers the following questions and more:

–  What compels us at the deepest levels of our coding  to destroy ourselves and others?

–  How can we learn from other life forms, such as cells, and from physical matter itself which has already evolved to manage the caustic force of entropy?

–  How does our civilization traumatize us all, creating core emotional wounds which are sources of social destruction, and how can we heal them?

–  Why is man disproportionately oriented towards fear and scarcity rather than love and abundance, even as modern man possesses all the material wealth it could need or use?

–  Why was the 20th century the most deadly century in the history of mankind where government policies took the lives of 260 million people, excluding the casualties of war?

–  Are there agents of destruction which are unseen to our perception and can we determine their existence?

–  Do we each harbor energetic parasites of sorts which weave their own live cycle into ours and help fuel our destructive actions?

–  How can we manage the force of entropy/evil in our own lives by raising our own consciousness as so many other levels of life and matter have already done?

–  How can we support each other as we shift into a global society and develop management practices to deal with our destructive nature?

–  How are we each creating the social destruction we see rising so rapidly with our own internal wounding which is being projected out onto the world stage?

We are finding most of the current and well known discussions about the sources of man’s irrational, violent and self abusive nature to be useful but partial and not satisfactory explanations for us. We allow both organic and conspiratorial viewpoints, as even conspiracies and their discussion are organic social processes in the final analysis. We concede that the universe itself, in all areas of organization includes a destructive or entropic force which is a necessary balance to the creative force. We seek information about the fundamental nature of this force and its interaction with its opposing twin. We feel that civilization is entering a crucial stage where knowledge of the man’s destructive nature is imperative and novel management practices must be found and utilized. We are oriented towards internal psycho-spiritual methods upon which any outer action would be based, and the balancing of the human mind-body as an evolutionary step. We call this potential balanced human archetype Homo Bilancia.