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Duality – An unending source of joy and suffering

ying-yang-balance-between-good-large-msg-117272260436The concept of duality and its place in our perception has been one of the most fundamental elements of philosophical questioning, stemming back to the “fall” or man’s awareness of the world as ‘other’.  The deepest teachings of the world’s mystery schools and spiritual traditions taught that life and death, good and evil, light and darkness are not the same, and do not operate in the same way, but that they are joined together as twins, forever inseparable, and forever in service of each other.  God and Devil are, in a sense, one.



Mind  – as a universal informational system

mind code newest-technologyOne of the most interesting and holistic concepts of the human mind is that of personal mind as a function of universal mind.  Because energy is also information, the universe can be seen as an evolving digital system.  In this understanding, everything is mind, and everything is information  And just as is the case in digital systems, ‘malicious script’ or viruses can and do propagate.



Holarchy - The holo-fractal organization of the universe

holons1.1The universe organizes in a ‘same-similar’, modular or fractal-like nature. This is described in the concept of holarchy where every thing is from one perspective a whole, and from another, a constituent part of greater wholes. The Hermetic maxim “As above, so below” is a actually a description of this concept.  The organization of energy, matter and life from the subatomic level to the cosmological level display the organization of holarchy, and every other domain of information in the universe is structured in this manner as well.



The Virus – Ubiquitous evil

Bacteriophages-attack-bacterium-GrahamColmIn the context of a universe organized in holarchy, where we find a ‘same-similar’ patterning throughout, if we look, we can find the universe’s agents of destruction at all levels of organization.  We use the term Virus generally as a description of the universe’s many methods of destroying order and feeding off of dysfunction and chaos.  The Virus is literally everywhere.  Anywhere a system falls out of coherence, agents appear and will attempt to feed and drive further disorder – until that system evolves.



Cosmological viral holon – Entropy as a universal force of destruction

black hole 6a00d8341bf7f753ef0133f0f831c9970bEntropy is a term used in many sciences.  Its primary definition deals with the context of disorder in a system.  All systems, whether they be living or otherwise, survive and evolve by displacement of entropy and by continually keeping order within their boundaries through evolution and management.  Entropy can be seen as a force, just like evolution or creation is seen as a force.  Evolution propels new order and function, and entropy propels disorder or dysfunction – death.  Entropy if seen as a force is not passive, it is active  like a black hole which sucks all light and matter into oblivion.  Order struggles with chaos or entropy and the known universe is the byproduct.  Other areas of “cosmological evil” in this investigation are dark matter, dark energy and black holes.


Biological viral holon – viruses, parasites and natural predators

Salmonella_entericaSince the end of the 19th century, mankind has become increasingly aware of ultra small entities which operate in the biological realms of cells and bacteria.  They are intelligent tricksters, which use an array of technology to undermine the functioning of cells of all types.  The human body and all life on this planet is in constant battle with viruses as well as deadly microbes or bacteria which themselves live to destroy other life.  Most organisms on earth are viruses and a second huge portion of life on this planet are classified as parasitic.  Parasites do not just destroy living systems, but they weave their own life cycles into the body and minds of their hosts and manipulate their host’s behavior to favor their own appetites.  What can we learn by studying the mechanisms that viruses and parasites use and applying this understanding to the domain of the human mind and social behavior?


Spiritual viral holon – Anthropomorphized evil or other dimensional reality?

Shaman_2d_illustration_shaman_fantasy_picture_image_digital_artLooking back into history, mankind has always studied the whereabouts of destructive forces in the universe.  Prior understandings of demons, archons and malevolent beasts from other dimensions have been deemed by modern science to be the fantasies of primitive people who had no better way to view the universe’s need to destroy.  Is this true?   In an informational universe, a prevalent and shared belief becomes reality.  What can we learn from the beliefs and management practices of ancient peoples that we can apply to our way of life and belief systems? What place is there in our civilization for shamanic practices designed to cure the sick and to eliminate the effects of universal agents of disease?  The investigation takes us there to find out.


Judeo-Christian sub-holon  – Alternative Gnostic and Kabbalistic views of evil and the victim-victor code

catherine of cleves demonMost in the west are very familiar with the Christian view of God’s nemesis, Satan or the Devil.  What can we learn by looking at biblical scripture metaphorically and what can we learn by looking at alternative views which come from pre and early Christian times?  The Jewish Kabbalists and the Gnostics had entirely different views than those taken by the Vatican in later times.  What can we learn about today’s social diseases by searching our civilization’s founding spiritual scripture in search of destructive patterning which has been passed down the generations?  What can we learn about the ‘victim-victor’ viral code which pervades modern civilization and is a core source of social destruction?



Political viral holon – “Outright terror, bold and brilliant”

7-7-london-bus-terrorTo understand evil, and to develop management practices in society requires great courage and of stepping outside of the boundaries of accepted or mainstream belief.  In this holon we take the investigation into the darkest places of our society and shine a light where the rats and roaches dont want to be seen.  In this holon we look at how “outrageous conspiracies theories”, as president G.W. Bush called them, might instead be the calling cards of society’s own agents of evil, or the viruses which operate in the domain of social order and politics.  Dirty tricks and false flag terror is the name of the game in this holon. We also look at mainstream media as a source of viral transmission, and other forces of destruction which operate within social and political orders to destroy evolutionary progress.  In this part of the investigation we take a look at what many political activists call The New World Order.


Personal viral holon – Mind Parasites – The culture of mind has its own agents of disease

Geiger 2Since the human mind is a holon like any other self sustaining system, and because it is not exempt from the universal laws governing evolution and destruction, agents of evil, or viruses also exist in the domain of the human psyche at all of its levels.  We all harbor culturally shared and personal ‘mind parasites’, which infect our mental and emotional systems and beyond.  Awareness of this fact and careful attention to both individual and cultural thought reveals an entire ecosystem of pathogens and parasites performing the same function as those which operate in the biological domain.  Few experts in this domain exist, but we converse with those we trust and share our findings.



Evolutionary context – an awakening planet and humanity – Homo Bilancia

planetary-consciousness-evolutionHuman evolution is planetary evolution and planetary evolution is universal evolution. Our human development is not separate from greater holons of life such as the planet earth which is an organism that is itself in the process of organic evolution. Because the vast amount of human behavior is driven by drives far below individual consciousness, we must conclude that our actions are not necessarily out of alignment with organic planetary evolution, which has greater inputs into the development of mankind than the development that it is conscious of.



Healing and transformation – novel methods of healing and management practices

In our own personal lives we have developed methods for transmuting and ventilating repressed psychic and emotional energies which are food for malicious energetic systems   And for conflict resolution, we bring compassion and awake dialog into the ‘play’ to thwart viral processes.   We say “The Heart is Toxic to the Virus””, as it truly is a virus neutralizing energy..


Homo Bilancia – and the new archetypes of Will and Faith

We believe that a new way of being is emerging on this planet for mankind.  It is a way of seeing ourselves and our position in the universe and it is a felt physiological experience that is new to our spices.  We call this new being Homo Bilancia, or Balanced Mankind.  Two archetypes have come into our consciousness, or downloaded as we say, who represent the qualities of this new man, Will and Faith.  Will and Faith are our parents and they are our children.


Living in the Movie – the philosophy of Life Art

Living In The Movie is a metaphor for the projected nature of our reality and it is also the name of our sister website which documents our spiritual development and the evolutionary or light side principles that we are integrating into our lives.  The Living In The Movie analogy, which can be a philosophy for living what we call Life Art.